Automation, Machine Vision,
Industrial Identification
and Industry 4.0

Modern solution that shows you more.


We will design a complete application solution for machine vision, industrial identification and Industry 4.0. Our goal is to optimize your entire production process.


We will configure your current or new devices according to application requirements. We always try to maximize the potential of all devices.


We will install the devices and connect them to your system. At the same time, we will set all necessary communication parameters.


We give professional training on our solution. We also offer seminars on machine vision, industrial identification and Industry 4.0.

What We Do

4IOTECH offers comprehensive services in automation, machine vision and industrial identification, including reading 1D / 2D code and code verification. We effectively respond to customer needs using modern tools. The scope of our solutions ranges from design to implementation and testing. We also offer support and training in industrial identification and machine vision.

We prefer the use of COGNEX devices, with which we have years of experience for our solutions.

Our services help streamline the production process. We offer
modern solution that shows you more.

IoT and Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 are areas we have expertise in. We offer analysis, solution proposals and implementation of IoT projects. We focus on data collection, data visualization and data interpretation according to customer's requirements. Data collection can be wireless or wired. Data can be also read from control systems. We discuss every step with our customers throughout the project realization. So, the project is fully optimized to the customer needs.

868 MHz

Our wireless sensors communicate at 868 MHz.


We are able to create a comprehensive Mesh network that guarantees the coverage of measurement areas. So, data from sensors is always securely delivered.


We offer training in IoT and Industry 4.0 - you will see more thanks to us!

About Us

We are team of technical experts who have been working in the industrial automation field for many years. We are able to dynamically and reliably fulfil a wide range of customers' requirements thanks to our strong customer focus (from start to finish).

We are a modern and emerging company that is not afraid make our customers happy.

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